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Performance Thinking® Practitioner PROGRAM

The Performance Thinking® Practitioner Program  builds organizational capacity to undertake significant performance improvement projects using Performance Thinking methods and tools. 

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It enables people whom we call performance professionals – including HR, HRD, training, OD, OE, process and quality specialists, and others – to execute some or all of the applications described in our Applications section  by completing projects with coaching support.

Because the this accomplishment-based Approach is compatible with virtually any other business improvement methodology, from strategic planning to process improvement to systematic training design and delivery, it provides a powerful enhancement to the tools and methods you already use and want to retain, rather than a replacement.  In some cases, it represents a significant simplification for performance improvement methodologies that have become cumbersome or difficult to implement.


Participants in the Performance Thinking® Practitioner Program will

  • learn technical tools and methods designed to accelerate business results through powerful performance improvement,
  • enhance their ability to effectively collaborate with line management,
  • plan performance improvement projects of their choice using the 7-step Performance Improvement Logic , working individually or in small teams,
  • demonstrate proficiency in 4 main tools used in the Six Boxes Approach, and
  • execute projects that will achieve measured results, avoiding beginners’ mistakes with coaching support.


The Program combines 24 hours of instruction with 5 small group coaching sessions following instruction to guide beginning practitioners through performance improvement projects of their choosing.  Participants earn the designation of Performance Thinking® Practitioner after completion of the program when they demonstrate correct use of the Performance Thinking models, tools, and logic. Additional coaching services are available, as needed, to support projects beyond the scope of this program.

We should mention that the projects program participants undertake are often very successful and impactful in their organizations, returning to the organizations far greater value than the cost of program participation. 

Joining a Lifetime Community of Practice

Starting in July 2021, those who complete their certification projects are invited to participate in monthly online Community of Practice meetings  where they can bring challenges and issues, ask questions, share insights, learn from others, and continue to develop their Performance Thinking and consulting skills.


For more detail, download our Practitioner Program product sheet.

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