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To realize the vision of Performance Thinking for all levels and all functions in an organization, and to support sustainable organizational change, we offer an architecture of products and services that can be configured to meet any organization's needs, interests, timelines, and budget.

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Products and Services

Users Performance Thinking® Programs Certification & Support Other Services Institutes
Leaders & Managers Program Customization & Implementation Planning Executive Overview Performance Thinking® for HR Business Partners Building Performance Thinking® Culture TED-style Talks & Keynotes The Performance Thinking® Summer Institute
Executive Performance Coaching Performance Thinking® Leadership Modules Program Facilitator & Coach Certification Consulting Services
The Performance Thinking® Coach Program Performance Thinking® Executive Coach Certification Demonstration Projects
Coaches Performance Thinking® Sales Enablement
Learning & Performance Professionals The Performance Thinking® Practitioner Program Affiliate Certification Performance Thinking® for Behavioral Health / ABA Companies Preformance Thinking® Leadership Institute
Individual Contributors Performance Thinking® for Self-Development Six Boxes® Change Management


Leaders & Managers
Learning & Performance Professionals
Individual Contributors

Performance Thinking Programs

Program Customization & Implementation Planning
Executive Overview
Executive Performance Coaching
Performance Thinking for HR Business Partners
Performance Thinking Leadership Modules
The Performance Thinking Coach Program
The Performance Thinking Practitioner Program
Performance Thinking for Self-Development

Certification & Support

Building Performance Thinking Culture
Program Facilitator & Coach Certification
Performance Thinking Executive Coach Certification
Affiliate Certification

Other Services

TED-Style Talks & Keynotes
Consulting Services
Demonstration Projects
Performance Thinking Sales Enablement
Performance Thinking for Behavioral Health / ABA Companies
Six Boxes Change Management


The Performance Thinking Summer Institute
Performance Thinking Leadership Institute


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