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Building Performance Thinking® Culture

Introducing Performance Thinking® programs into an organization offers the potential for “changing the conversation” about performance and establishing a culture of continuous performance improvement.

Establishing, strengthening, and sustaining the impact of our programs require people capable of leading and continuously improving the effort.  It also requires planning and a systematic approach over time.

We always offer to work with organizations to implement our programs in discussions and planning using our Implementation Planning tools. For maximum long-term ROI, we highly recommend going a step further by certifying one or more Six Boxes® Practitioners to leverage the full capabilities of this approach by planning and refining program implementation and sustainment over time.  The Building Performance Thinking® Culture program began as a follow-up to our Six Boxes® Practitioner Program. In this program we work with a team of Six Boxes® Practitioners to identify important projects within their organization, and improve their own performance as a team. We then support them for a year through ongoing coaching, helping to spread the word, and refining conditions for sustainment.

This is a highly customizable program that we can tailor to your needs. It offers an opportunity to strengthen and sustain impact, over time, with support based on our experience and the experience of our clients and Affiliates.

The Building Performance Thinking® Culture Program seeks to:

  • enable your implementation team members to successfully plan and complete initiatives and projects to support application of one or more Performance Thinking® programs across the organization
  • ensure your teams’ ability to communicate about and advocate Performance Thinking in language and at a level of detail appropriate to different audiences or groups with whom they work
  • prepare team members and leaders, including Six Boxes Practitioners, to coach others who have themselves graduated from the Six Boxes Practitioner Program (link to that page) or one of our Coach-Manage-Lead programs.
  • build the language, logic, models and tools of Performance Thinking into policies, procedures, processes, tools and day-to-day practice of performance improvement in the departments, groups or functions where they work. 
We work with each organization to configure the best solution for you, from a bare bones planning and implementation process using our Implementation Planning Checklist, to a more robust and ongoing collaboration for supporting, expanding, and sustaining Performance Thinking across your organization.

With any organization that chooses to implement one of our programs, we will open a discussion about what it takes to implement and sustain impact, and collaborate in the planning process.  Contact The Performance Thinking Network to learn more about our unique implementation process.


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