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Coming in 2020

With increasing implementation or our Coach-Manage-Lead programs, and development of Six Boxes Executive Performance Coaching, The Performance Thinking Network has a growing number of unique insights, tools and processes for broadening and deepening the perspective and insight of senior leaders.  We can offer unique insights, tools and methods for implementing Employee Engagement Initiatives, Agile Talent Development, Strategy Execution, Succession Planning, and other key functions and processes that enable leaders to drive business results.

We are planning to launch our first Performance Thinking® Leadership Institute some time in 2020. We will likely host it at a facility in the Seattle area uniquely suited to the kind of exclusive executive retreat and development session that we envision. We will invite both senior leaders and those responsible for supporting them. And we anticipate the same level of collective insight, engagement, and practical application as we have been generating at our annual Six Boxes Summer Institute for over a decade – only a bit more upscale, and built for executive leaders.

Please be sure you’re on our mailing list, so you will know when the inaugural event is planned. We’re excited as we envision and bring to fruition this unique and powerful opportunity for senior leaders and those who support them. (put constant contact sign-up here – and we are planning to add TITLE to the contact form)

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