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Feb 02 2020
HR Goes Agile - A Classic from The Harvard Business Review

This article is an "oldie but goodie" from the March-April 2018 of Harvard Business Review . But it is as relevant as ever, and timelessly so in relation to our Coach-Manage-Lead programs . 

The authors talk about how Human Resources functions in companies need to keep up with the pace of business change, and that "agile" talent development is going to be the way it happens. In 2018 they were talking about this as a new trend, with great examples. But two years later, it's more relevant than ever.

Our accomplishment-based coaching, management and leadership programs are intended to move organizations in that direction.  When we introduce coaching to a company, it's not just to provide a way to "get employees out of trouble" when their performance or their conduct is less than expected. It's a way to be proactive in the development of people, at the point of performance where managers and their people know what will be needed in the weeks, months, or quarters ahead to meet the needs of the business. Leaders and managers can coach their people by identifying the key accomplishments or work outputs that they will need to produce, or for which they need improvement, and then apply the "logic" of the Six Boxes® model to arrive at agreed-upon action steps, with the employee, for continuous development. Ideally, this process occurs at a regular cadence in organization so that employees and the people who lead and manage them expect to be having these conversations weekly or every couple of weeks, formally and/or informally.

Our programs give leaders and managers the language and framework for ongoing discussions about what accomplishments or "work outputs" are, or will be, most important for the business and for career path development of each individual. The programs are intended to lay a foundation which, if integrated into an overall implementation and sustainment plan, can support ongoing proactive continuous talent development and performance improvement.

Because I so often cite this HBR article as an "authoritative" analysis of the challenges and the solutions, I thought it would be more convenient to simply provide a link to it.

Read the article and see what you think.  It would be great to start a conversation about this topic.  Add your and discussion below.

- Carl Binder, CEO

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