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The Six Boxes Approach can enable anyone at any level and in any function to understand, plan for, manage, and improve human performance. This section describes some of the applications of the Six Boxes Approach, what different users can do with it, and the results they can achieve.

HR & Performance Professionals

Opportunity Analysis
  Improve collaboration with business managers

Performance System Design
  Expand from training to performance consulting
Management and Leadership
  Improve the impact of performance management systems

Executive & Senior Managers

Opportunity Analysis
  Prioritize investments in performance
Culture Change
  Build organizational culture
Strategy Execution
  Execute strategy through people
Team Alignment
  Strengthen collaboration

Managers & Team Leaders

Team Alignment
  Strengthen alignment and collaboration
Opportunity Analysis
  Identify opportunities for improvement 
Best Practices Initiatives
  Identify and implement best practices
Culture Change
  Increase employee engagement

Organizational Development & Organizational Excellence

Culture Change
Strengthen organizational values and practices
Change Management
Build a performance culture
Management and Leadership
Enable collaboration across silos

Process Improvement & Quality Professionals

Team Alignment
Facilitate cross-functional communication and collaboration
Process Improvement
Improve human performance factors within processes
Change Management
Implement new or improved processes


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